Buried deep inside of us is a creature, typically dormant by the repetition of daily life.  Day after day, we are essentially predisposed shells; behaviours patterns wheedled by the hands of our pasts.  The anticipated noise and its counter-noise, all the voices, audible and literal, seldom need any expression or unique thought.  We fail in our daily lives in a descriptive expression and accurately portray of who we truly are.  In time, that which lies dormant desires to become that portrait, words all nonsense in such a portrait.  This mentality asphyxiates the creature, fueling its desire for a voice.  This site is my inner-creature’s acquired voice.


I am a software engineer by trade.  Well, all around hired geek really.  I got my start as an autodidact in Middle School, teaching myself programming starting with the Java language, all the while, still sketching away in my sketch book.  Despite being left-brain dominate, I still have a large capacity for abstraction and creativity.  Computers are my livelihood, and art will always be as a hobby.  Not that I am opposed to selling any of the pieces shown here, moreover, I am not looking to do this for anything more than a personal expression.


Click on the pieces above for a larger and more detailed description of the piece.

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