hypocritical reflection

There is an innate attraction in all of us toward symmetry, however it is hard to achieve. The original sketch of this, drawn from back in high school, I was using a ruler, plotting points on the page opposite of the original lines. I knew there to be easier ways to get a more perfect symmetry, but this was to be a slightly obscured reflection as opposed to being truly symmetrical.

Another fact of life apart from an attraction to symmetry is the desire to see humanity in randomness. What started as random lines on a page, soon took form into a face. Just like the many misguided religious praying to wooden planks, photos of clouds, or slices of burnt toast; we all like to see humanity sprouting from chaos. The beauty is that once the shackles of belief are stripped, the concept of humanity sprouting from chaos becomes the beautiful reality of the world.

The randomness comes to converge into beauty, and those creatures creates nonsensical justifications of hatred. I present to you, Hypocritical Reflection.

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