subliminal observations

This would be my first work on canvas worth keeping. While I had art on canvas prior to this one, it was all while I was younger. When younger I was even more of a perfectionist so anytime I started to paint, I would end up scrapping it off and repainting, ad nauseum until the canvas was unusable. This piece was done a little over a year out of high school and I had decided that I was going to let the imperfections go and just finish it.

On the 28th of September 1999 CE, it was complete; just a few short days after I had started. I was marveled at how quickly it was done when I let the imperfections go. However, to this day, as it is currently looming over my desk as I type this, its imperfections stare at me from a distance; mocking my flaws.

This piece was based upon a preliminary sketch that I drew back near the end of my days in high school. It was merely a work to express my natural tendency to observe all that is around me. No matter how hard I tried back then, I could not help but let my eyes wander and my ears eavesdrop. A curiosity that I never quite understood back then, but now can equate to Desmond Morris’s people-watching habit. Observing the bipedal apes surrounding us and their peculiar behaviours in comparison to others in the animal world.

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