presumptuous expectancies

I had put this on a canvas that had come free along with the purchase of my first easel that I had procured off eBay. This is my smallest piece on canvas, only slightly larger than the original sketch. The canvas was not made with a wood frame, in fact it was with a cardboard back. This presents an issue when it comes to displaying it on the wall frameless. One of these days, I will frame it, but today is not that day. This was based upon one of my oldest sketches, it is difficult to really trace back the thoughts, concepts, and meaning that flowed through me when this was first created. However, typically my art takes meaning only during and after its creation; and often its meaning can fluctuate over time.

The fluidity of sociality, can easily spawn many eventualities, through simple curved lines of expression. It is odd to see oneself in reverse and trace back the passage through the murky fluid of life and see what one had drudged, getting stuck on ones shoes or even part of oneself being stuck behind.

Drudge on, and look back through the murk, if only to pride yourself in accomplishments of pain and suffering. Weigh the difference between burdens stripped and gained along the way, and decide for yourself if in the end you wish to be near cripplingly encumbered or naked and clean.

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